The Basic Manual
Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community's Assets (1993). The seminal volume in which John Kretzmann and John McKnight explain the principles and practices that guide the asset-based community development approach.

ABCD Institute Workbooks
A series of hands-on guides that offer step-by-step directions for mapping community assets and mobilizing community capacities.

Downloadable Resources
A complete list of papers and workbooks available in pdf format, written by ABCD staff and faculty on a wide range of community development issues.

The Abundant Community
This book reports on voluntary, self-organizing structures that focus on gifts and value hospitality, the welcoming of strangers. It shows how to reweave our social fabric, especially in our neighborhoods. In this way we collectively have enough to create a future that works for all.

The Careless Society: Community and Its Counterfeits
After 40 years of work in the urban neighborhoods of Canada and the United States, John McKnight paints a scathing picture of “how competent communities have been invaded, captured, and colonized by professionalized services” with devastating results.

Related Publications (New Books Added!)
A series of books and articles written by ABCD staff, affiliated faculty and practitioners about the theory and practice of asset-based community development and its many applications in the United State and around the world.

ABCD Institute Founders Support the Development of a Library of Community Building Publications

John Kretzmann and John McKnight

Throughout more than 30 years of community organizing and community development work, Kretzmann and McKnight gathered the stories of residents who built stronger neighborhoods by focusing on their strengths instead of their deficiencies. These stories are brought together in Building Communities from the Inside Out, the publication that launched the Asset-Based Community Development Institute. Now a must-have volume for community builders around the nation and the world, the Green Book, as it is fondly known, also launched the development of an extensive library of community building publications. Kretzmann and McKnight encourage ABCD faculty members in the communities where they work to capture their own asset-based community development efforts into publications to be shared with community builders everywhere.

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